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Road safety is a very important and responsible topic for us. For more than four decades, we have been aware of this responsibility and try to be a leading partner in traffic safety and traffic engineering.

With our products and services we create the conditions for working and safety at the highest level. Quality is our top priority.

Our goal is to inspire our customers with the quality, innovation and consistency that characterize our products and services. In order to get there, we consistently implement our principles and values and work continuously on optimizing our products as well as further product developments.

Traffic Safety Services

Our Mission

Our core competences include product development, manufacturing, delivery and installation as well as consulting of road safety and road infrastructure products and services. By using of state of the art technologies and innovative designs we contribute to the continuous improvement of traffic safety on the roads worldwide.

The satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us. We offer high-quality and innovative products as well as premium advice and service at fair and performance-related prices. Lean corporate structures as well as permanent Innovation and new product development have made us what we are, and will continue to carry our reputation forward, well into the future.

Well-trained, high-performing and motivated employees are the source of our success. With them, we are constantly working to improve our work processes. Respect, mutual appreciation, reliability, sense of responsibility and handshake quality are core values ​​in our daily business.


Our Strategy

We are your competent partner in all aspects of traffic safety and traffic engineering.

The company's goal is to continue to be a reliable and competent partner as well problem solver in all road safety and traffic engineering matters.

By focusing on our core areas (TECH, INFRO, WORKZONE and CITY DESIGN), we have created an important foundation for a proper development of our business. Keeping this spirit remains highly important to us in the future.

In addition to that we also strive to expand our business activities even more internationally and improve road safety in other parts of the world.

Our Mission Statement

Innovation - Quality - Service

We want to be your preferred partner for supplying state of the art, customized solutions for traffic safety and traffic engineering. By competent advise, premium service, competitive price, long-term partnerships, constant innovation and continuous product development, we want to make this happen.

Long term relationships as well as the continued existence of our family business and the associated jobs is our priority. To achieve this, we have to generate profits, which reinvested in innovation, R&D and in our employees. By doing this we want to achieve national and international market leadership in road safety as well as traffic engineering supplies.

Qualified, dedicated, loyal and motivated staff are our source of our success. Respect, mutual appreciation and a corresponding environment are an irreplaceable asset.

In a fast-moving society and the rapidly changing market conditions, we try to optimize our workflows and processes. We are not afraid to make decisions. Constructive criticism is an important asset for us to further develop ourselves and our business. Our management assures for being a reliable partner.


Our Vision

Everyday people make mistakes, simply because they are human beings.

With our products and services, we want to avoid fatalities.

We want that all road users reach their destination safely.
We are passionate in what we do. Almost every day our products are saving lifes and we work hard to continuously improve the safety level on the worlds roads.  

We are proud to say "Safety is our Business".

We as a company are a target and performance oriented manufacturer and supplier of road safety and road infrastructure products and services in Austria as well as abroad. With our products and services we create the conditions for our clients to work at the highest safety level. Our products meet the latest industry standards and highest quality requirements.


Road safety

Road safety is a highly important and responsible topic. We are aware of this responsibility and have been working for more than 40 years in traffic safety and traffic engineering to ensure your safety by using our products. By using our products and services we create a safe environment at construction sites and enable our clients to work at the highest safety level.