Flexible Poller

Kickback® - flexible Poller

Normally the KICKBACK® system is dowelled. The major benefit is that even if the bollard is hit by a vehicle at a high speed there will be no damages on the bollard or the vehicle.

The system can be used in many different ways. Many fast-food chains use it product to guide the traffic on their parking lot. Also logistics companies install these bollards in their warehouse to guide the traffic.  Municipalities frequently use the retractable base plate, which is mounted sunk in the road and in which there is no impairment in snow removal during winter time

flexible Poller

Flexible Sicherheitspoller

  • diameter: 60 mm
  • Colour: Gray, White, Amber, Orange
  • height: 900 mm

Smartpath -
flexible Poller

Smartpath - flexible Poller

  • diameter: 11 cm
  • Colour: White, red, orange, green, blue, amber, black
  • height: 45 cm / 68 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm