Glare screen systems

Glare screen systems

Our Anti-glare screen systems protect the car driver extensively against glare emanating from light sources coming from opposite traffic or from adjacent industrial facilities, office buildings or sports grounds. In any case our company supplies special designs and constructions optimized for every specific situation.


  • Oval-shaped, completely closed hollow-body vanes made of green, dyed throughout low-pressure polyethylene (PE-HD-HM)
  • High-precision manufacturing
  • A high material density and the absolutely smooth surface require no maintenance – self-cleaning effect
  • Substructures for all common types of guard-rails and concrete barriers
  • Dimensioning regarding the protection and visibility performance depending on installation location and purpose.

Service life

  • Resistant to UV radiation, exhaust fumes, de-icing salts and other influences
  • Temperature-resistant from minus 30°C to plus 60°C
  • Dimensionally stable, impact-resistant and shatterproof
  • Long-lasting safety

Environmental compatibility

  • The used synthetic material is conform with current environmental regulations
  • In case of fire no toxic gases will arise and the source of fire will not spread
  • Used vanes can be re-granulated on our company-owned recycling unit