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VMS Trailer Overhead deployed on Croatian Highways

VMS Trailer Overhead deployed on Croatian Highways

We look forward to presenting this year our product portfolio of traffic engineering and news at Intertraffic 2020. We are welcome all interested persons to enjoy good networking, innovative traffic news and a lot of informations about traffic safety. Work zones are a well-recognised potential hazard on our roads. They can be dangerous both for road users who have to manoeuvre through less than ideal road conditions, but also for those workers who build, repair, and maintain our roads, bridges, and highways. For this latter group, a road construction zone also represents their work environment. In order to improve the workzone safety, inform oncoming traffic about road construction zones and protect workers, Croatia is now using VMS-Overhead trailers on their Highways.


The VMS Trailer Overhead comes with a uniqe design.
The Top VMS screen remains highly visible for motorists without obstruction from trucks or coaches due to its height.
All VMS panels are fullmatrix and can display any message that is required.
The VMS-system is easy to operate and can be depolyed within a few minutes providing instant warning to oncoming traffic.


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